Twister: Eye Level

3/20 Disappointing

★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 2/10

Twister: Eye Level 


Developer: Player Planet; Christopher Clay 


Submitted by:  @realCCSonic   


Genre: Arcade


Summary: A game in which you play as a twister trying to suck up as many people as possible before they are able to escape. This game would benefit from being posted onto a gaming website such as kongregate due to its reminiscence to flash games from the early days of Twister: Eye Level uses a point system to track how many people have escaped, and who wasn't as lucky, after reaching a score of 9,999 before the humans, you are able to advance to the next stage. 

Pros: Though not an overall amazing experience, the game does play as intended and the high level of difficulty gives the game a small amount of play value and entertainment. The game holds a small amount of nostalgic value as well making it feel more friendly and familiar than it would otherwise have. 

Cons: The graphics and animation while being lackluster, as I mentioned before do have a certain nostalgic aspect to them due to having played many flash games growing up. The momentum of the twister itself makes navigating the small map difficult, yet the slow movement may have been intentional in an effort to make the game more challenging. The assets seem incomplete on several stages. The gameplay is repetitive. 

Story: You play as a twister of unknown origins with your only goal being to cause mayhem. As an arcade styled game story is irrelevant and while in any game story is greatly appreciated it is not necessary. There are small text-based tad bits of information between levels but overall, story is a lax element in this game. 

Music: The music is not anything flashy, it's not something you will be humming the next day, but its inclusion does make for an overall more complete experience and is a welcome addition to the game.


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